App Gallery

App Gallery

Here are examples of what users are building with Æjaks. If you would like your project listed, please send a screen shot, descriptive text, website URL (optional), name (or anonymous) to me at


Steve Pieper


The VisualBlog project is an experiment to build an interactive front end to a set of images that have been collected during the creation of a medical image analysis program, 3D Slicer. The VisualBlog interface uses the WindowPane and TransitionPane features of Aejaks to create an interactive slide show. This is still in the prototype stage.




eForm-Connect is an application that provides a way to seamlessly fill out forms, capture form data, and electronically sign forms. Both forms and data can be distributed electronically throughout the entire enterprise via secure network connections. Forms can be filled out online via the web browser or from a desktop console application. All eForm-Connect packages come with a built-in database. This makes the importing and exporting of data to and from other systems and applications within your organization seamless. The built-in database also allows for customized reporting on data collected from the forms.

American Iris Society eVoting Ballot

Gerry Snyder


The voting system was written for the annual selection of iris awards. It was intended to be usable by non-technical judges of the American Iris Society.